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#10 Posted by Susi
08th September 2004 - 08:19:13 AM

60 years ago - on 11 September 1944 - more than 200 Saxon families were instructed to leave Birk / Petelea. According to an eye witness report, fighting was coming closer and closer to the village. The previous few days, the Reghin airfield had been attacked and bombers were flying low over the houses in Birk and shooting at people. This witness says: "On 11 September 1944 at 4pm we lined up our wagons in the main street. Suddenly it became very dark and a thunderstorm came. The church bells were ringing and in this terrible weather and throughout the night our evacuation from the war zone commenced ." At the end of the war in 1945, all these people were left stateless in Austria / Germany for many years to come.

The last Saxon "children" born in 1944 (in chronological order) were: S Menyes, I Benesch, M Dietrich, M Schuster, J Schuller, J Dienesch, M Gellner, K Gellner, M Dienesch, J Rehner, K Scholler and M Lette. Most of us have been integrated in many countries around the globe. This is to commemorate our roots so many years ago. Let us all walk in peace!

21st August 2004 - 09:03:02 PM

I was born in Petelea (Birk) on 22 September 1941. My parents were Georg Gellner and Maria Rehner. I was baptised in the Lutheran Church there. I would love to visit Birk someday, and would very much appreciate any information as to a hotel or inn where one could stay in or near Birk. My husband has done extensive research on my family's history. I would very much like to hear from anyone who knows.

Maria (Gellner) Hulswit
New York City

#8 Posted by Dani -- http://www.daniela.bremen.de.vu
25th June 2004 - 10:50:58 AM

Die Seiten hier hab ich ohne Fragen,
bei meinen Favoriten eingetragen,
damit ich sie so dann und wann,
auch ganz schnell wiederfinden kann.

Ich w�nsche weiterhin viel Erfolg
mit der Homepage.

Dani aus Bremen

#7 Posted by Susi
26th January 2004 - 11:43:00 PM

I would like to pay tribute to Susanna Dienesch (born 28 Jan 1920 in Birk/Petelea) who died in Austria on 13 December 2003.

"Saster Dienesch" was responsible for compiling "Das Birker Heimatbuch". She was instrumental for getting the Birker church registers into the Gundelsheim Museum in Germany. She corresponded and visited many Saxon Birkers in Austria, Germany, Canada, Australia and of course Rumania. In other words, she was the facilitator who maintained contact between all of us around the globe. She was a good friend to my mother Susanna (Timmi) Schertzer (house No 357).

Susanna Dienesch, like all of us, was not perfect, but she was a great human being. She was full of life and energy. She felt that our Saxon heritage mattered and our descendants would one day be interested in their ancestry. That is why she compiled the "Birker Heimatbuch". We owe her a debt and I will miss her greatly.

#6 Posted by guta
11th November 2003 - 01:14:26 PM

buna dragii mei eu guta am interesul de a canta la voi in localitate cu ocazia sarbatorilor de iarna. Mie mi-a placut mai demult cand am fost la Petelea si am cantat cu niste rromi la voi la caminul cultural langa primarie. Daca doriti sa vin sa cant la vio contactatima la 0740501917 . Va multumesc anticipat!

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