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Petelea - General Information

 The locality of Petelea is situated on the left bank of the Mures River, 25 km North-East to Tg Mures and 6 km South to the town of Reghin, along the national route no. 15.

  The geography of the locality consists of the large valley of the Mures River and of hills in between the river's arms with little enclosures, between the Beicii' and the Habicului' valley, the highest peak being 511,7m on the Dealul Viilor (the Vintage Hill).

  The center of the locality lays mostly in plains that have only little uneven parts; the plain is made up of mud deposits of the Mures on one hand, and, on the other hand by the South Eastern hill, where the wooden Romanian orthodox church, the Saxon cemetery and the gypsy settlement lay. The small earth bumps, seven in number, situated on the left hand side on the way to Tg. Mures, are natural hills that were developed through terrain sliding. They are of no archeologycal interest, a fact acknowledged by the research from 1950 done by a group of scientists from Cristesti.

  The hydrographical network is a very rich one, being represented by the Mures River and its two tributary riverlets: Beica and Habic. The Mures River was intensely used for rafting between Lunca Bradului and Arad, starting with 1780, there passed 3 rafts a day.

  From the monography of the locality Petelea mention should be made about some interesting climatologycal facts: the hail from July, 20th 1853, written down by the church keeper on one of the 15 holy books, called "Predici si invataturi" by P. that were safeguarded in the church. Maior, as well as other important hails, like the ones from 1912 or 1956. Other facts that are mentioned are the strong droughts from the years 1905, 1946, and even further back from 1718, 1730, 1780 or the big floods that had a tremendous effect on the well being of the whole locality, as it was the case in 1941, when the mill on Mures was completely destroyed. The mill had been first mentioned in 1746. other big floods happened in 1948, 1970 and 1974.

  Through the locality, there runs the train way Războieni-Deda. the part between Reghin and Tg. Mures was first used in 1885.

  From an administrative point of view, we find that around 1700, Petelea belonged to the Comitat Turda, the Circle from Below, and in 1818 it belonged to the same Comitat, but on the Upper Circle.

  In 1876 Petelea was part of the Mures-Turda County, part of Low Reghin. Starting with 1950, Petelea became part of the Reghin Department (Raion), Hungarian Autonomous Region, respectively Mures Autonomous- Hungarian, and after the territorial administrative reform of 1956 Petelea becomes a commune, together with the Habic village within The Mures County.

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