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  The Evangelic church was built in 1860 on the location of a older church, pieces of which can be seen at the base of the late-Gothic tower. The priest of that days was Weber Alfred Schuller. Still to be found are a bell from 1882 and two others from 1927 as well as paintings and sculptures bought in 1872. The church had initially a clock and an organ, non of them being still in use. The last restorations and thorough repairs took place in 1991. The parish was founded in the XVI-th century.

  The Orthodox church, built from wood, decorated with paintings made by the painter Mare from Reghin, was built in 1832 on the location of another church built in 1750 and sold to Oarba de Mureș. It was restorated a few times: the bell-tower was built and later on cement was laid to the base of the tower. The tower has a 20kg. bell from 1750, donated by the baron Bornemissa and a bell from the XIX-th century. The parish was established around 1700, originally being a Greek-Catholic until 1948. The church owns 14 historically and documentary important religious books, one of which dating from 1756 has initially belonged to the church of Urisiul de Jos. The priests of the parish were: Lasylo Daniel, Vasile Pop, Branea Gavril Jr., Iosif Pop, I. Ilioviciu, I. Romanțianu, Gregoriu Ilie, Gavril Branea Jr., Păcurar Remus, I. Jeleriu, Păcurar Remus and Ionel Pușcaș. The new orthodox church under the patronage of the Resurrection of the Lord was built from 1991 to 1996. The location of the church was blessed on May the 19th 1991 in the presence of the bishop Andrei, the first service was hold in December 1996. The Orthodox Church was given its first blessing on the 27th of September 1998, by Andrei, Archbishop of Alba-Iulia, His Holiness Teodor Beldeanu, Head Priesest of the County of Reghin, and by many other priests. The building of he church was led by priest Ionel Pușcaș, who was helped by the Parrish Council.

  The building of a Greek Catholic church and of a Prayerhouse are in progress.

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