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How can you help?

  It is quite simple...

- Do you think that some texts are false or wrong?

- Do you think you can do a better job and want to take over?

- Would you like to be in the Tourism, Companies or Telephones & Addresses?

then just send an e-mail to info@petelea.info

P.S. if you want to see how the first versions of the site looked like, here they are:

  Site version 0.0 (Romanian)

  Site version 0.1 (Romanian)

  Site version 0.2 (Romanian)

Last updated on:
October 11, 2013

 News :: Mai 13, 2008
Since today, Petelea has its own domain: www.petelea.info.
The new e-mail address is : info@petelea.info
  News :: July 8, 2006
The Guestbook of Petelea is available again.
  News :: May 14, 2004
Maintenance release: removed broken links and added new ones; corrected text inaccuracies.
  News :: August 20, 2003
Well..., the web site of Petelea village has reached the point where no major enhancements can be done without the help of its readers. Read how you might help the future expansion of this site.
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