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#32 Posted by Dan Ilioviciu
25th September 2008 - 06:10:15 PM

Incercind sa aflu cit mai mult despre arborle genealogic al familiei Ilioviciu am gasit in istoricul acestei localitati pe popa I. Ilioviciu stramos de-al meu despre care tata imi spunea cind eram copil. Informatiile ce le detin sint foarte vagi si as dori sa gasesc pe cineva care ar stii mai mult. As dori sa vizitez Petelea cind o sa trec in vizita prin tara, sa vad aceste meleaguri ale tari ne cunoscute pentru mine.
Dan Ilioviciu
Illinois, US.

#31 Posted by Heinz Lejsek
18th September 2008 - 01:49:03 PM

We will get to petelea at 20 september 2008. A group of peoples from Gallneukirchen visit this town.
Kindly regards from Austria!

#30 Posted by bill gates
30th March 2008 - 12:52:44 AM

Mah sa faceti trotuar pe ulitza!!!
Daca nu va inivit, d-le primar, in special, la o plimbare prin noroi, cand ploua!!!
& apoi sa mergetzi si dvs. la scoala, servici, sau undeva, nu stiu unde... Cu incaltamintea murdara... Ati putea sa faceti macar atat si petru NOI !!! Danke schon!!!

#29 Posted by Susi Burn
05th January 2008 - 09:19:16 PM

I have just received the sad news that my godmother Maria (Schatz) Schertzer (born 1921, house No 35) died in Illinois, USA on 6 December 2007. She was a very cheerful lady who loved her garden, handicrafts and most of all her large family. According to her, the boat trip from Europe to America in the mid-1950's was a nightmare. She vowed - and kept her word - that she would never leave her new homeland again.

Maria (Schatz) Schertzer is survived by four daughters, one son and their families. They all live in USA.

#28 Posted by io primar
02nd January 2008 - 09:27:59 PM

Apoi de-as fi io primar as face un teren de fotbal!! Votati-ma!
CU drag, viitoru primar

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